The Warforged Without a Name

A Warforged with a spike chain.


I use a spike chain to kill things.

I’ve had some flashbacks.


I was designed to be the perfect bodyguard. I was bought by Karnath to guard a newborn child. My memories of that time are hazy. I know that I faithfully guarded him for eighteen years until the Day of Mourning. The next memory I have is just after the end of Last War. I don’t know much of anything else. The Emerald Claw were the ones that pruchased me. I think. I’m not sure of much. My memory is not as good as it should be. I’m a smart guy, I assume I would have picked up more than that in my 22 years.

I have two attributes that I cannot explain. I have a retractable blessed magic spike chain mechanically attached within my forearm. More interestingly I have a docent with the symbol for the Blood of Vol on it. I cannot remove it and have no clue as to what it does. Quite a waste if you ask me. After loosing my Karnathi charge and my job, I wandered Khorvaire in search of purpose. I just want to know who I am. What was I made for? Why such a unique weapon? Why am I completely missing two years of my memory and major pieces of the rest? Who was my Karnathi charge? Was I protecting him from something, or keeping him from someone? WHY CAN’T I REMEBER?!?

During my wandering, I met an Artificer who took an interest in my unique attributes. He could be the key to some sort of answer. I told him he resembles my former charge. That removed some suspicion. He probably just thinks it’s a weird warforged thing.

We have been advised to go to Sharn by the artificer’s cousin when he told him about my inspection. I have somewhere to go! This may lead to answering some questions! At the moment, I have a purpose…

Now all I need is a name…

The Warforged Without a Name

The Warforged Without a Name StevenMichaelSchmidt