Arthur (Arty)

An artificer that has an unusual ally.


Mother and father deceased and recently laid off from a creation forge where I first trained to be an artificer, I decided that since there was no where for me to go and no existing real family to return to I would travel around the five nations, in search of something greater than myself.

Little did I know that that “something” would show itself to me after a rather uneventful day at a bar in the middle of the night. But that’s the way these sort of things happen, am I right? At the bar I had met a warforged not unlike any other warforged I was accustomed to, but there was one thing that struck me as strange about the old rust bucket, he didn’t seem to have had a name. Even stranger, he seemed almost convinced I was someone who I was not, saying I looked remarkably like someone he had once was ordered to be a bodyguard for during the war, some high-ranking noble, if I’m not mistaken.

Nevertheless, I didn’t get much out of him other than that, his memory seemed fuzzy despite all of the advanced equipment he seemed to be housing, you would think he could keep himself together better. Those years in the creation forged had counted for something after all, I was able to teach him a little about himself. Though after contacting my cousin, Allerys d’Cannith, things seemed to get sour…

Arthur (Arty)

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