The Warforged Without a Name

Cannith Member Arrested in Bar Slaying

Dragonmarked Aundairan expected to make bail

Sharn Evening Register
Monday March 9th, 998 YK

Cassius d’Cannith, a dragonmarked member of House Cannith, was arrested Saturday morning and charged with the murder of an unnamed bartender at the Golden Wand, a bar in the Cogs, late Thursday night. Witnesses to the slaying say that d’Cannith and the bartender were arguing for several minutes and they then went into the rear of the establishment where more shouting was heard. D’Cannith then came out of the back room hourse later without the bartender and left. Concerned patrons went looking for the bartender and found him dead.

D’Cannith is an Aundairan who was in town for a yearly party thrown by House Cannith at their regional headquarters in Sharn. He arrived Thursday morning, less than twelve hours before the slaying. It is unknown what his business was in the Golden Wand, but the clientele at the bar say they argued about a tunnel. “That Aundairan man came in here with a big huff and started talking all quiet like to the bartender,” says Azhag Grumbrook, an orc who has lived in the Cogs his whole life and frequents the Golden Wand. “Then they started raising their voices yelling about some tunnel.”

In a statement by the Metropolitan Police, authorities confirmed that there was a tunnel in the back room, but they did not comment on where it went or what was on the other side.

Bond was set for d’Cannith at 100000 gold pieces and he is expected to make bail. House Cannith refused to make a statement on the events.

“I’ve been going to this bar for twenty-five years now and I ain’t never heard nothing about no tunnel until last Tuesday.” Grumbrook relates. “It was about eight o’clock and some people came out of the back room. No one saw them go back there, so it was kinda weird seeing them come out. They slung some [clearly false] story about being plumbers or the like, then [the bartender] leans in and asks them if ‘the tunnel is open again’. They didn’t know nothing about that, they just left.”

-Alexander d’Jorasco



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