The Warforged Without a Name


The Meeting of The Lords of Dust

The Rakshasa walked through the bustling streets of Ashtakala. The busy streets that he walked on were teeming with thousands of fiends and mortals. The buildings were made of basalt and bronze and appeared to be from untold ages ago. Ashtakala appeared to be a vibrant metropolis from the Age of Demons hundreds of thousands of years before, but it was all an illusion. Powerful magics morphed the dilapidated structures into what they were when they were newly built. The fiends and mortals on the streets were simply glamers that nothing more the light and sound.

The place stood as a reminder to The Lords of Dust of what they lost when the Rajahs were sealed into Khyber. Their secret plans and unknown machinations were all looking to bring back the glory they once lost long ago. Even the archaic clothing that the rakshasa wore was an illusion which was put over his clothes that were the best that the City of Sharn had to offer.

He walked briskly through the lie that was the streets of Ashtakala towards a monolith of brass that dominated the skyline. This was the central library of Ashtakala where the Lords of Dust met when dire times necessitated it. This was the second time a meeting had been called within five years of each other, which was a first since the Age of Demons. This meeting was for the same reason as the last.

Rakshasas were dying.

Rakshasas were fiends created by the Rajahs to act as their eyes and ears in the mortal world. They were made from humanoid stock and had the faces and fur of a tiger. Their distinguishing feature was that their palms were on the backs of their hands instead of the front like humans. Rakshasas were made to be immortal like any other fiend though their connection to the material plane meant that they were killable. Unlike other fiends, death did not mean returning to the abyss where they came from where they would reform over hundreds of years, it instead meant nonexistence. Killing a rakshasa was no easy thing to do, they deflected most blows by weapons and resisted all but the most powerful spells. They were also very capable combatants, some being powerful magic users and others being stalwart fighters. They also all had the ability to change their form to that of any of the other human races and, with their natural talent for subterfuge, this meant they would rarely only rarely come into a situation where they would be in danger.

Despite all of this they were dying, by the hundreds.

Tens of thousands of rakshasas survived the rebellion by the couatls that ended the Age of Demons and sealed the Rajahs and the rest of the fiends into Khyber. Their unique nature allowed them to be the only minions of the Rajahs to be able to escape banishment. Most serve their Rajahs deep within Khyber, the rest formed the Lords of Dust. Their goal was to go into humanoid society and help release the Rajahs from their imprisonment. They took the forms of ambassadors, henchmen, nobles, and even peasants and worked from their places for their greater goal. In Khorvaire, the Lords of Dust had nearly two thousands agents spread about the Five Nations. The passing eons had seen less than a hundred of the rakshasas dying. They were tough. They were good. They were nearly unkillable.

Then, twenty years ago, fifty rakshasas went missing in the city of Korth in a single month. Karnath was always subject to the occiassional purge of governmental officials and citizens, but they never succeeded in killing a single rakshasa. The agent always got away or killed their executioners and take on another identity. At first The Lords of Dust simply thought that these rakshasas had been purged and would resurface eventually.

None of them did.

Then more went missing.

Then bodies were found.

By the end of a year, nearly two hundred rakshasas were dead with more missing. The Lords of Dust were panicking. It was soon discovered that a handful of warforged owned by the Emerald Claw were responsible. They spent sixteen years trying to find and kill the warforged that were responsible. They sent countless assassains, levied political pressure on the Emerald Claw, and even had the entire organization outlawed only to see more rakshasas disappearing.

The Lords of Dust met five years ago and devised a plan to destroy the warforged murderers. It was a good plan and it would certainly kill the warforged.

They planned to destroy a nation.

The humans of the Five Nations now call it the Day of Mourning.



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