“The prophecies speak of a being made of metal and wood given life. This living construct will appear at the end of a great war in the human lands. He will know little of his past and seek to find out what he can. He will be marked by the symbol of a dead house and make his home in a metropolis of towers.

“I believe this being is a warforged who appeared two years ago at the end of the Last War in the human city of Korth. He carries a blessed chain made of silver and has a docent on his chest with the symbol of the Blood of Vol. He has recently moved to the city of Sharn and has been seen in the company of a human with the Mark of Making and a descendent of the doppelgangers.

“The prophecies are very clear on his importance. In his search to solve the mystery of his past he will spark the Next War.”

-Lothaenorixius, Dragon of the Chamber

The Warforged Without a Name

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